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Legendary Delilah - Mistress Delilah | Face Sitting Ass Worship

Legendary Delilah - Mistress Delilah
Legendary Delilah - Mistress Delilah
This is a VERY special clip. This is the most amazing scene I've ever filmed with Delilah (maybe the most amazing scene EVER filmed with SktQueen Delilah?) IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to clips4sale policies this clip has been edited to ensure no 'brown' stuff is shown. There is 15 minutes of footage before she releases the 'mess'. Great face sitting, pony riding and toilet talk. Legendary. Seriously. The second half is the audio of the messy stuff with visuals of the first half. I CAN'T SHOW BROWN STUFF so don't complain. The audio is un-fucking-believable. Skat fans, whether you want to see the brown stuff or not will LOVE this video. I swear, seriously. The un-edited version is no longer available.

Runtime: 00:31:31 * Type video: 1280x720 HD (16:9) * File Size: 1.11 GB
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