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It's Supposed To Hurt! - Madam Jada | Face Sitting |

It's Supposed To Hurt! - Madam Jada
It's Supposed To Hurt! - Madam Jada
For Madam Jada this is just another day at work, for our poor, unwanted male however today is everything. Deemed unworthy of existence in Female Society the male has been turned over to The Executrixes for population control. The slave has been wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and delivered to Madam Jada to be crushed and smothered out of existence! At 5'10, with her strong, thick thighs and incredible ass Jada is well equipped to carry out the sentence! First she's going to soften up the male's body with brutal, full weight chest sitting. "It feels like my ribs are bending," the man complains. "I'm sure they are!" Jada responds happily, encouraged by the male's complaints. She continues rocking side to side and back and forth, shifting her full weight around the male's torso and pushing the air out of his lungs. Soon Jada puts her legs up and shifts all of her weight right onto the center of the male's chest, crushing his lungs and preventing him for drawing more than the shallowest of breaths. Of course the slave's groans and weak attempts to plead for air are like music to Jada's ears, who never lets up even for a second. Her weight stays planted firmly on the male's chest for nearly 10 minutes. During all that time the man is never able to get a full breath, but if he thought that was tough he's in for a shock when Jada sits on his face! She starts with reverse facesitting, locking her feet behind the man's head and letting her big, soft, squishy ass cheeks swallow the man's whole face! He's so far into Jada's ass crack that only his ears and the top of his head can be seen! "Beg!" Jada shouts at the man when he starts to get desperate for air. His muffled screams amuse Jada, who lifts up enough to keep him alive, but never letting him fully recover from the feeling of being suffocated. The man tries to squirm for air, but Jada's huge ass is everywhere and her cheeks grip his face tightly. When Jada turns around for forward facesitting the man's situation gets even worse! Now her strong thighs help hold the man's face in even more tightly. When Jada lifts her legs for full weight sitting the man's tiny head completely disappears beneath Jada! He's been buried alive beneath Jada's massive ass and thighs, but she's not done with him yet! After 20 minutes of crushing the man's chest and face, Jada is ready to make things even more intense. She snaps her fingers to initiate a shrinking process and a bright light fills the room. The clip ends as the man begins to shrink to an inch in size...

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