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Ass For Days: Part 2 - Madam Jada | Face Sitting

Ass For Days: Part 2 - Madam Jada
Ass For Days: Part 2 - Madam Jada
Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let's call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

After making a quick outfit change and wrapping her slave in plastic wrap, Jada is back and ready to smother Mr. Ass again! Another fan who helped contribute to the marathon requested a round of smother training and Madam Jada is happy to oblige! Since the slave has already had a warm up, Jada jumps right in with 25 seconds of full weight facesitting! She stretches her legs out and off the bed, making sure nearly all of her 185 lbs are centered on Mr. Ass's face! When the slave manages 25 seconds Jada decides to up it to 35 seconds, still sitting full weight! After a couple more rounds of full weight forward sitting, Jada decides to make things harder by sitting full weight, side saddle! In this position the slave's nose has nowhere to go and is completely flattened beneath Jada's big butt. After several rounds of face crushing increasing, timed smothers Jada switches to reverse facesitting! In this position Mr Ass's face is swallowed up in Jada's deep crack. Jada starts with 50 seconds, but Mr. Ass begins struggling to soon and manages to get a breath before reaching his mark, but Jada quickly plants her ass back on his face and restarts the clock! Jada has no mercy and only gives Mr. Ass short breaths before starting each round of smothering! Soon she moves back to full weight, sideways sitting and continues mixing it up with full weight forward and sideways sitting.

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