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The Shining - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya, Goddess Platinum | Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Boot/Shoes Worship

The Shining - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya, Goddess Platinum
The Shining - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya, Goddess Platinum
Some of these freaks here at the Manor are literally nearly insane. This overfed, and clearly overly mental odd ball has a major issue when it comes to "shiny objects" and Three Mean Girls in latex pushes all its buttons in a way that is not only pathetic, but generally fucking hilarious.

After Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber and I had gotten ready to head out for the evening, We let this sad sack be Our pre-game amusement for the evening. Already sitting in the corner of the living room where We last left it, this fool was locked into a straightjacket and helplessly mesmerized by the three of Us walking in.

From the outset it was obvious how broken and stupid this thing was as it could really only say one word after seeing Us. But not like it is all the uncommon for most of you beta bitches to get all tripped up over your words and communication when any of Us are in front of you....

We promptly took advantage and explooiited this loser further making it shine up Our latex with its mouth... then a rag in its mouth... then its mouth again. HAHahaha and the rag, that was a bonus, We shoved it in its big, fat mouth buff our latex, but it also helped us muffle its obnoxious, monotone, repetitive droning about how beautifully ~*"SHINY"*~ We all were....

This thing had the time of its life being used to prep Our outfits prior to Us going out and spending the night with REAL MEN... too bad the little (actually not little at all HAHAHAHA) thing would never fit into that category and instead was stuck being just a disposable tool for Us to use...

But really, even at its worst, being used by Us is still the highlight of this piece of fecal matters life... What else is it going to do ever with any woman, much less hot perfect Goddesses and Princesses like Us??? The answer there is absolutely nothing sucker, and that's just the sad pathetic reality all of you losers face when trying to worm your way into being permitted to be a part of Our lives...

Nope bitches, you are all expendable and We will use you and throw you out like the trash you are... you'll just hope to be so lucky as to get as close to Our perfect asses and bodies as this thing did before We locked it away again until the next time We feel like making use of it... And maybe by then the thing won't have eaten for another week and will actually fit into its straightjacket... Or maybe it will need tossed in a ditch in the desert... Either way, We'll have Our fun, and this thing will continue to be nothing more than a prop and a piece of property that We use however We see fit....

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