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Don't Let Them BREATHE! - Goddess Randi, Sarah Jessie | Face Sitting Boot/Shoes Worship

Don't Let Them BREATHE! - Goddess Randi, Sarah Jessie
Don't Let Them BREATHE! - Goddess Randi, Sarah Jessie
Next I'm going to show my GFs how you can cut off a slave's OXYGEN with Your ASS if you want to! They literally have to do WHATEVER you say! LOL! So I call three of them back in the room with My "servants bell". We now have one slave's face to sit on for each of us! :)

I explain to them how to do it so you make sure they aren't getting any oxygen. And Me n Sarah Jessie's tight leather pants aren't making it easy on the slaves underneath US! LOL! I like to add to MY slave's agony by DRILING my stiletto heels into his thights while I am sitting on him! :) (He is actually bl**ding from two huge gouges from my heels in this video and I make the videocamera slave zero-in on it while I point at it & laugh! :)

Then we have a contest to see who's slave can last the longest underneath our's so funny to me that these losers let themselves be USED like this by girls! They are just furniture for us to sit on! And we are LAUGHING about the fact that they might dye under there! LOL! And I hit my slave with a paddle SO f*cking HARD because he went out FIRST!!

My fav line: "It's kinda hot to know that someone might dye underneath you..." :)

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