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They Say It Feels like Sandpaper - Ms Sinstress | Face Sitting |

They Say It Feels like Sandpaper - Ms Sinstress
They Say It Feels like Sandpaper - Ms Sinstress
Sexy and curvy Ms Sinstress is sitting on her slaves chest and asks him what his favorite thing is. She already knows that he's going to say it's feeling her silky ass on his face. The slave easily falls into her trap and when he says he loves her ass on his face she tells him he is going to get what he wants. Just one catch though, she's doing it with her jeans on. Skin tight jeans between a big ass and a face causes all sorts of friction and pain and that's just what sadistic Ms Sinstress wants. She wants her slave to suffer for her. He gets what he wants, her ass, and she gets what she wants, his pain. Perfect! She moves into a forward face sitting position and starts by making him kiss the cheeks. It's important he show proper devotion before suffering. "Look how desperate he is" Sinstress says before telling him to take a breath and sitting down on him full weight. She grinds her ass cheeks on him and says "slaves always tell me that denim feels like sandpaper on their face." Along with the face grinding Sinstress also does long sits as she loves seeing the slave fight for air. The slave is in chastity and Sintress makes sure to slap it several times to add to his torment. She then moves into a reverse position and sits so his nose is crushed backwards. She asks him if he can smell her bull through the fabric as he was fucking her all morning. Then she sits squarely over his face and giggles as he kicks to breath. Then surprisingly she asks the slave if he wants to feel her bare ass on his face. The slave is thrilled as she pulls down her jeans and sits on his face. and then a second later she is back up and tells him that's all he gets. Isn't the suffering worthwhile even for just a second of bliss? The slave whines as Ms Sinstress just laughs and says "You never want to spoil a slave to much."

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