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Surviving Sarah Brooke - Sarah Brooke | Face Sitting

Surviving Sarah Brooke - Sarah Brooke
Surviving Sarah Brooke - Sarah Brooke
The brutal Sarah Brooke returns, leaping onto Thin Man and locking on a flying bodyscissors/rear naked choke. They fallback onto the couch as she keeps pulling back on the hold, putting Thin Man to rest.Sarah is so mean she taunts him while he's still resting then buries him in a straight headscissors. He taps; slapping her leg sounds like he's hitting pavement. She tells him "Beg me." He does but she keeps powering it on as he is purple. He is worn out and unwell minutes in.Sarah reverse facesits him, taunting him then drawing him into a brutal reverse headscissors. An armbar "You want me to break your arm off?"she asks. Sarah hates letting go. Thin Man is in deep trouble. A rib crushing bodyscissors. She tells him she could "probably separate your neck from your body" in a guillotine. Not letting it go it seems she will make good on the threat. Front headscissors --- a trach choke -- she tells him to beg for mercy in a headscissors that catches him shoulder. A figure four almost rolls his head off. She rests a few moments sitting on his face again before turning it into a painful throatsit. A violent reverse headscissors has him wailing like a fire engine. He is weak and beaten, then choked with his own arm before Sarah flips a baseball choke into another rear naked choke that knocks him . One of the most brutal girls in wrestling leaves Thin Man impressing people that he walked out of the room after surviving Sarah Brooke.

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