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Broke Sugar Daddy Milked For Profit Part 1 - Cali, Mia | Face Sitting Foot Worship

Broke Sugar Daddy Milked For Profit Part 1 - Cali, Mia
Broke Sugar Daddy Milked For Profit Part 1 - Cali, Mia
The Brat Princess Laboratory has sent a mobile unit to Cali's apartment. Cali has interest in selling her broke sugar daddy to the laboratory as a cow. Mia has arrived, with the milking machine, to test the perspective cow's productivity rates. Mia needs to determine if the cow will be a good candidate. So far, he's perfect. The former sugar dummy will make a great cow. He was a great sugar dummy, but then he lost his job. A broke sugar dummy is useless. He'll have to provide for Cali some other way. Cali teases her former sugar dummy. She wants him to perform really well on this test. He begs to be freed. He loves Cali, but he's not sure if he wants to be sold as a cow. Cali reminds him how lucky he is. He gets attention, her ass on his face, his cock stroked. Most guys would want that!!! The cow is tortured by the edging. It's just too much for him. It begs to cum. Cali reminds him that the money he makes as a cow will put her through college. The cow doesn't think it can live being edged for five years. Cali smothers the cow's cries in her perfect ass. Cali and Mia tease the cow with their feet. They want to make sure this cow can last. Cali is assured that once her cow is in the warehouse, it will be constantly teased. Mia wants to make sure that Cali's cow is producing the maximum amount of pre cum possible. The cow begs to be allowed to cum sometimes. Cali says, "No!" She reminds the cow that it's pre cum is very valuable. Cum has no value. She assures her former sugar dummy that he will eventually get used to his new life as a cow. Mia gives Cali a contract to sign, giving over control of the cow to the Teasers. Mia reads aloud from the document. Do you authorize use of full force ball kicks if the cow does not meet Cali consents with an emphatic, "Yes!" Do you authorize full 24/7 chastity with spikes? "Absolutely" understand that my cow will be castrated if he does not meet quota for thirty days. Cali accepts the full terms. She makes the cow watch as she signs the contract.

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