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Ball Bashing Fun 2 - Miss Jasmine, Domina Ruby Enraylls | Face Sitting

Ball Bashing Fun 2 - Miss Jasmine, Domina Ruby Enraylls
Ball Bashing Fun 2 - Miss Jasmine, Domina Ruby Enraylls
This is the second and final clip in the hot ballbusting series featuring Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine.

The slave has been pushed back on the throne after his beatdown. Thrones are not for bitches though, so after a few seconds it's back to the floor for him. Jasmine sits on the throne and puts her beautiful stilettos back on. At the same time, Ruby jabs her boot stiletto into the slave's nuts. She follows that up by kicking him with the pointy tip of her boot and orders him to spread his legs. Jasmine reaches down and pulls the slave towards her by the legs so she can join in on the fun of stiletto-jabbing. The slave moans, groans and grunts as Jasmine pokes away mercilessly at his nuts. When Jasmine stands up, Ruby takes over by stomping on the poor guy's cock. Jasmine notes that the slave is getting erect and takes his cock in her hand to stimulate him before she gets him back up on his feet. She pulls him up by the cock onto his tip toes before landing a solid knee to his groin. The slave is very nervous and can see that the beating is far from over. In their high stiletto heels the Ladies tower over the slave and they move him around with no resistance whatsoever. Jasmine holds him by the head so Ruby can approach from behind and kick his nuts repeatedly. Jasmine turns him around to do the same from the back while Ruby jumps right in and starts kicking him from the front. Ruby proceeds to slap his nuts with her hands which encourages Jasmine to pick up her big black plastic cock and start hitting him with that as well. As he falls to his knees, Ruby reaches out and squeezes his nipples. There is zero compassion for this stunned but still aroused slave. Jasmine goes all out using both the giant cock and her rhinestone shoes; it's a non-stop assault on his groin. They order the slave back onto all fours. After three hard kicks to his nuts, Jasmine almost falls off one of her shoes, but she doesn't miss a beat and gracefully kicks them off while continuing to kick him with her nylon-clad feet. Ruby decides to take her boots off now, too, and the ladies take turns kicking him from behind. When he buckles they order him back up with his legs spread. Next, he's placed on his back so Jasmine can facesit him, muffling his cries as Ruby gets busy again, kicking his swollen testicles. Jasmine jumps on him and starts to trample him, and switches to some butt drops before she's back up kicking him again. She stomps his nuts and when she asks the slave if he wants a break, he whimpers "Sure." They tell him to go outside in the cold and rain and they'll allow him back in an hour once the swelling has gone down. There are too many kicks, knees, punches and slaps to the nuts to count in this clip, but if you dream of giving your balls over to superior sadistic women, you will love this one.

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