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72 Hours And No Showers - Mistress Gaia | Face Sitting Foot Worship

72 Hours And No Showers - Mistress Gaia
72 Hours And No Showers - Mistress Gaia

CUSTOM REQUEST - I have a fetish for scent training and to see you dominate one of your female slaves with this type of training would be amazing!! If possible could you go a few days without washing and wearing the same sneakers, sock, shoes, etc. That would be amazing. I want you so smelly that your slave will be gagging on the smell. I want you to make her smell your pussy and ass hole, and feet at their natural sweaty smell having them as sweaty and smelly as possible. No matter how much she pulls away or gags for breath you show no mercy...

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nickbalestrieri 15 February 2022 07:11
Great video title but not exactly buying her slaves acting. too bad such a great premise
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