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Try A Little Harder - COMPLETE MOVIE - Mistress Summer, Mistress Monica | Face Sitting Foot Worship

Try A Little Harder - COMPLETE MOVIE - Mistress Summer, Mistress Monica
Try A Little Harder - COMPLETE MOVIE - Mistress Summer, Mistress Monica
BEST VALUE - Mistress Summer and Mistress Monica team up for 37 minutes and dominate a willing nude male. Heavy foot domination and high heel fetish plus lots of face sitting and cock torment. He is spanked over Mistress Monica's knee and they pump his cock up in a glass tube. He is made to fuck Mistress Summer's feet, spanked and has all the cum drained from his balls at the finish. Mistress Summer and Mistress Monica dominate a nude male underneath their high heels as they sit on the couch and play with each other. His humiliation makes them hot as they caress one another and verbally humiliate the object under their feet. Mistress Summer makes him sniff the inside of Her high heel as She sits down on his thighs. Mistress Monica moves over him for an upskirt view and then drops Her nylon covered pussy down on his face. Mistress Summer takes off both Her high heels and Her talented feet work on his stiff prick while Mistress Monica removes Her dress and grinds Her pussy on his face while topless. Mistress Monica rises up from sitting on his face to sit on the couch and they order him over Her lap so She can spank his ass. Mistress Summer slowly strips off Her dress revealing beautiful pantyhose. She climbs up on the couch so Her feet are in position for him to worship as Mistress Monica spanks him. The save sucks and licks the beautiful feet of Mistress Summer while Her partner reddens his ass. They spank him with their high heels and a small paddle for a bit and then order him to flip to his back and present his cock. Mistress Monica slips the cock pump over his prick and pumps it up until it fills the clear glass tube. He gets a face full of Mistress Summer's feet as they enjoy tormenting his cock. He is then ordered up and Mistress Summer lays back on the couch so he can fuck Her feet. Mistress Monica ties his hands behind him with pantyhose and begins to spank his ass with the paddle. The slave fucks the beautiful feet of Mistress Summer while he is spanked by Mistress Monica. She makes him go to his knees to kiss and worship Mistress Summer's feet and lick off his pre cum from Her perfect toes. Then he is ordered to stand and fuck Her feet again while he gets spanked some more. They move him to the floor on his back where Mistress Monica sits on his face and Mistress Summer puts some black control top pantyhose on him. They trap his stiff cock in the tight nylon and Mistress Summer fucks the bulge. His cock is teased without mercy as their feet and hands move about on it and Mistress Monica rides his face. The slave's cock is bursting in the nylons and periodically freed so they can torment it with their feet and hands. Mistress Monica plays with his nipples and face sits him as Mistress Summer's talented feet work on his cock. She locks his cock between Her knees and jerks him hard. Lots of foot torment and face sitting on the floor and then they sit on the couch and really assault his cock under their nylon covered feet. Pink and green toenails fly as his cock is sandwiched in between four feet. Mistress Monica drops down to his face and jerks him off onto Mistress Summer's feet to finish him and he is obliged to lick Her stockings clean of his spew.

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