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Chocolate Cream Cuckold Cleanup - Queen Aryal, Mistress Stephie | Face Sitting

Chocolate Cream Cuckold Cleanup - Queen Aryal, Mistress Stephie
Chocolate Cream Cuckold Cleanup - Queen Aryal, Mistress Stephie
Queen Aryal is getting pointers on effective cuckolding techniques by Mistress Stephie. They are both dressed in black cat suits. Queen Aryal She has Her cuck slave chained to a bondage bed as Mistress Stephie describes Her training recommendations:

"He's now in the advanced stages of cuckolding, so it's time to completely cut him off from any access to Your pussy whatsoever. He is now just an ass gimp, and eventually a full toilet. Since You just got fucked by Your bull in the ass, why not have him clean up that chocolate creampie?"

Queen Aryal agrees with Her while unzipping Her catsuit and unceremoniously squatting and spreading Her gorgeous ass cheeks open to reveal Her hairy puckered starfish, slamming it onto the slave's mouth and face. The slave screams in disgust as he realizes what he is tasting, but Mistress Stephie sternly tells him that he better get used to the tastes and lick up every creamy brown bit.

Mistress Stephie grabs a cane and uses it as a pointer to tell the slave to get deeper in and find more sludge.

"What does it taste like slave?" She asks him.

"Bleach and , Mistress"

"And you're opposed to this?"

"No, of course not Mistress."

"Good, because that's all you'll be tasting from now on, pig. Now get busy and clean everything from that colon"

He digs in and more sticky tan cum oozes out, sticking to his latex hood. He keeps licking and getting his tongue further and further in but it just seems to cause more cum to ooze out, making him lick harder and deeper and then...more. She keeps mashing his head down further and further and grinding Her cherry little ass into his mouth, helping to get every bit of his tongue into Her tasty asshole as possible.

Queen Aryal starts smothering the pig with Her anus, to ensure that his tongue is as far up Her asshole as possible and oxygen is only to be had from Her divine ass. She gives him countdown after countdown, while he gags on the dirty, stinky cum that sticks to his hood and face, and on his breath.

Finally, She is satisfied that he's cleaned out Her rectal cavity completely of cum and , and leaves the pig to smell Her and Her man's leavings, a privilege for any slave.

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