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Unfuckable: Part I - Mistress An Li | Face Sitting

Unfuckable: Part I - Mistress An Li
Unfuckable: Part I - Mistress An Li
I don't give you many opportunities to fuck me. After all, you're just a bondage gimp! Why should I let you fuck me?

But today is different. Today, I've equipped you with a dildo gag. And you know what dildos do, right? They fuck.

So you're going to try to fuck me. And to top it all, I'm wearing nude, sheer nylons only so it's almost like I'm naked! A skin tone mesh bra on top, and tan sheer pantyhose on my bottoms so you can see my pubic hair, my pussy, and my asshole.

Of course, I never make things easy. With your arms bound in a leather straitjacket and your legs and feet strapped together in a frogtie, I've decided to make this entertaining for me! Why not watch you fail again and again as you try to penetrate me with the dildo? You're so fucking hard at the idea of being able to fuck me, separated only by a thin layer of nylon...

Features: pantyhose/nylons/hosiery/mesh fetish, femdom sex, female domination, female supremacy, objectification, dehumanization, leather bondage, straitjacket, gags, ball gag, gagged, gimp, tease and denial, cock tease, male bondage, dildo fucking, dildo play, bondage sex, pantyhose domination, pussy worship

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Category: Face Sitting
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