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A Barnyard Beat Feast! - Queen Darla | Face Sitting

A Barnyard Beat Feast! - Queen Darla
A Barnyard Beat Feast! - Queen Darla
Queen Darla has somehow acquired a few barnyard animals! As we all know the queen has no patience! For anything! These poor pathetic beasts will soon become burdened when they meet their new master! She is beyond cruel and sadistic! These animals have become the unenthusiastic participants in Queen Darlas beat feast. Oh yes she will feast on their pain and agony! Her cold heart will and take solace in the suffering the she so joyfully bestows upon them. With her crop in hand and a heart filled with hatred. the Queen rains down the humiliation pain! The Queen seems to have a special bond with the little oinker! There is no escape for him! No place to run nor hide where the Queens menacing reach cannot grab him and fill him with torment!

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