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AW - Life Is Good Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Ava, Mistress Roxy | Face Sitting Ass Worship

AW - Life Is Good Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Ava, Mistress Roxy
AW - Life Is Good Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Ava, Mistress Roxy

AW - Life is Good Part 1 (Ass Worship)

Mistress Ava's husband is busy folding towels while Mistress Ava and Mistress Roxy are at the bar. They come home and Ava discovers the slave has mixed his slave towel with her towels. She gets angry and rubs her pussy and ass juice all over the towel. Then Roxy rubs her pussy and ass juice on the towel and they shove it in hubby's face. The girls announce they have a surprise for hubby. They bring in a young Russian boy they met at the bar. Ava locks her hubby in the prison closet so he can hear the sounds of pleasure coming from the Mistresses as they get their pussies and asses licked by the Russian boy.

The Mistresses throw the boy on the bed and Ava mounts his face for some great facesitting and pussy and ass licking action. Meanwhile, Roxy heads over to the prison closet and opens the cage so that hubby can lick her ass too. Very hot erotic action between Ava, Roxy and the Russian boy while hubby is denied.

AW - Life is Good Part 2 (Ass Worship)

Mistress Ava checks on her hubby in the prison closet and finds him sulking in there. He can here all the sounds of Ava and Roxy having fun with their new Russian boy toy. But Ava doesn't care, it only humiliates hubby more, so she jumps back on the bed and the Mistresses take turns sitting on their toy's face and having their pussies and asses licked. The girls get really hot and start to make out with each other while smothering their little bitch. Great video.

AW - Life is Good Part 3 (Ass Worship)

Life certainly is good for the Mistresses as Mistress Roxy and Mistress Ava continue to have lots of erotic fun while Ava's hubby remains locked in the prison closet. Finally Ava releases him, only to ram the double ended dildo down his throat and make him cleanup all the pussy juices like the humiliated slut that he is.

AW - Life is Good Part 4 (Ass Worship)

Now the Mistresses relax and have their asses licked. Ava commands her hubby to lick Roxy's ass and Ava orders the young Russian boy to lick and suck on her zesty asshole. During the conversation, the Mistresses interrupt their conversation to bark out orders and give humiliating commands to their asslickers. The Mistress laugh and laugh at their power over men. "Life is good," says Mistress Ava, as the slaves continue paying homage to their sexy, stinky, assholes.

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