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AW - Seduced into Licking Ass Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Roxy | Face Sitting

AW - Seduced into Licking Ass Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Roxy
AW - Seduced into Licking Ass Part All (Ass Worship) - Mistress Roxy

AW - Seduced into Licking Ass Part 1 (Ass Worship)

Mistress Roxy went out to the bar to find a new victim for one of her favorite games... turning white men into Black ass worshippers. She drags home an older gentleman who unsuspectingly believed he would be able to have sex with Roxy. She toys with him on the bed... stroking his cock and making him extremely horny before she drops the bomb. "I want you to lick my asshole," she says. The guy is shocked and confused by this abrupt demand from Roxy but he is determined to have sex with her. He agrees to lick her asshole. She mounts his face and orders... "I want to hear you BEG to lick my ass crack." The guy is truly thinking with his penis at this point and starts begging to lick Roxy's ass crack as ordered. Roxy then begins the process of making him addicted to her ass. She facesits him, smothers him and him to lick her ass just the way she likes it. The guy thinks he will eventually get to fuck Roxy, but that will NEVER HAPPEN! She laughs knowing that it's just a matter of time before she has turned another piece of white male trash into her ass licking whore.

AW - Seduced into Licking Ass Part 2 (Ass Worship)

Roxy is now in full smother mode. She rides the white trash whore's face and tongue. The whole time he is still believing he will get to fuck Roxy. This makes her laugh and treat him even worse. She smothers him with her bodacious Black booty and orders him to continue fucking her ass with his tongue. Every now and then she lets him get a taste of her pussy juice before planting her asshole back on his tongue. During this process, he slips further and further into addiction of Roxy's ass and he finds himself obeying every command she issues. She loves knowing the power her ass has over white men and she plans to continue seducing them into her personal ass lickers for many years to cum.

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