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Burned By Cigarette - Molly, Andriana | Face Sitting

Burned By Cigarette - Molly, Andriana
Burned By Cigarette - Molly, Andriana
Young girls today are so far ahead of where they were years ago. In the 50's they cooked and cleaned, today they own slaves, whip them and light out cigarettes on them. Like this poor slave. He is already heavily scarred from the terrible whipping Molly and Andriana gave him earlier. You'd think his pain quota for the day would be met by now, but not for these young ladies. Because now they want to light out cigarettes on him. They smoke and chat, and then start pressing the hot tips right on the slaves skin. The slave squirms around in definite pain, but Molly is sitting on his face so his noises don't disturb the girls too much. They laugh hysterically though as the slave gets burned, having not a care in the world for the permanent burn marks they are inflicting on their pet.

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