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Toilet Pig Treat - Mistress Margarita | Face Sitting

Toilet Pig Treat - Mistress Margarita
Toilet Pig Treat - Mistress Margarita
Mistress Margarita has been training Her pig slave a while, to do all of Her "dirty work"; things like cleaning Her dirty shoes, feet, sucking Her panties clean of pussy residue, sweat, pee, spit, and now...She wants to take the pig to the next level, the lowest level, that of a full toilet slave. She has been taking the pigs training farther and farther and been waiting for the right moment, which is today.

Mistress Margarita is seated on the toilet, panties around Her ankles, having an audible major bowel movement. Once it's over, She calls the slave into the bathroom. The pig comes in on all fours, wearing just cuffs, a collar, and has its leash in its mouth:

"Slave, come in here. I've been having some stomach issues all day and sharted in my panties. You're a pig, so I know you'll love this. You're gonna clean my panties, with your mouth. Now open your pig mouth and stick out your pig tongue. Good piggie"

She takes the filthy, stained panties from around Her ankles and puts Her hands through the leg openings, stretching out the disgusting mess on the crotch piece, She rubs it back and forth over the slave's outstretched tongue, sawing it back and forth in order to get as much filth off of them and onto the slave's tongue as possible. But this is taking too long, so She shoves them into the slave's mouth. Ordering the pig to hurry up, She starts viciously slapping the slave across the face, 2, 3, and 4 times in a row, berating him to hurry up!

Finally She pulls them out of the slave's mouth and throws them on the floor, saying:

"That was just the appetizer, time for the main course, bitch!"

She stands up and pulls Her ass cheeks apart, exposing Her dirty, smeared asshole. She orders the slave to get busy:

"20 strokes of the cane if you don't get every bit of caviar out of my ass and asshole. You will be tested, pig. First, touch the tip of your tongue to my filthy anus"

He tentatively slips his tongue out of his mouth and touches it to Her messy asshole. He immediately recoils, retching and gagging loudly in disgust, but She screeches at him:


He starts licking, trying to get it down as She keeps telling him to swallow as well:

"Swallow pig, flush that sewer mouth of yours. Good, now lick up some fresh, that's a good piggie!"

The slave seems to have resigned itself to the task, and continues the job while trying to hold down its lunch, as Mistress warns the slave:

"If you puke then you can eat that too"

The pig senses that She is clean, but She orders the slave on its back. She squats down and sits Her asshole directly on the slave's mouth, telling the pig to tongue fuck Her ass. The slave starts to piston its tongue in and out of the puckered hole, his face smeared with a film of Her waste. Finally, She steps off of him, wipes Her ass, and, seeing a light brown stain on the toilet paper, She disgustedly crams the dirty toilet paper into the pig's mouth, telling the slave to eat it, walks away.

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