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Face Grinding With Boy In Chastity (4k) - Natalya | Face Sitting

Face Grinding With Boy In Chastity (4k) - Natalya
Face Grinding With Boy In Chastity (4k) - Natalya
Natalya has a stupid boy locked in chastity. She trains the locked-up boy with facesitting. Natalya bounces and grinds on the boy’s face. Losers deserve to be used. The Princess bounces and giggles. The boy’s chastity key hangs between her breasts. It makes a light jingling sound as she slams her full-weight up and down on his face. Natalya grinds her pussy against the boy’s nose. He will be used for her orgasm. The boy tries to fight her, but Natalya only gets more turned on by him not wanting it. She overpowers him and makes him inhale the scent of her pussy. Pretty girls love to mess with stupid losers. Natalya decides that she wants the boy in smaller chastity. It is time to size him down. The boy makes one small whimper of protest. Natalya does not like that. She decides that tonight it will be his turn to serve as a full toilet for all the women in the house.

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