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Your Name Is Yoga Mat IV - Empress Aria | Face Sitting

Your Name Is Yoga Mat IV - Empress Aria
Your Name Is Yoga Mat IV - Empress Aria
Empress Aria has Her slave completely helpless, secured in twin spreader bars for its hands and feet, a collar and leash around its neck and a blinding slave hood on for sensory deprivation and utter vulnerability to the Empress' whims. She strides in wearing a pair of tight black yoga pants and a black bra and wielding twin floggers. She announces to the slave what its use is today as a yoga mat, shoving Her delicate alabaster foot in its mouth for a quick cleaning. Then She sits on the slave's chest and starts stretching, Her feet in its face:

"Your piece of garbage body has to serve some use for me. Now shut up and stay still!"

She then moves forward and suddenly sits directly on the slave's face, cutting off its air, as She puts Her legs out alongside its head, grasping Her ankles to stretch Her hamstrings. She has the slave's face between Her thighs, squeezing hard it starts making squeaking noises until She finally relents, moving back up the slave's chest with Her full bodyweight again. She announces:

"Now I'm gonna work my quads and glutes, doing squats...right over your stupid slave face! Now beg me to sit on your face and smother you. I know how much you want to worship my sacred pussy- which you are only guaranteed to taste when it's filled with my lover's cum. This is the closest you're gonna get until you earn a taste."

She smothers him over and over with Her in between squats, taking longer and longer rests each time, grinding and mashing Her sweaty, yoga pants covered pussy in his helpless face. After doing a few sets, SHe turns around and tells the slave:

"Now, I'm gonna do them the other that you can smell my sweaty ass juice; I haven't showered today...but don't worry, you'll get to do that too a little later"

She then sits back down onto the slave's face with Her ass crammed into his immobilized face and head, the sounds of its futile gasps for breath can be heard as She takes longer and longer times smothering the slave in Her tight little ass.

"Breath it in, slave, and get used to the smell. You're gonna be tasting my unwashed asshole very, very soon. I want to hear how good it smells and I want you to beg me to smother you with it - GO!"

"Please Empress Aria, PLEASE! PLEASE smother me with Your smelly, sweaty, stinky ass and asshole! I need to smell Your sweaty ass Empress, please!"

She slams Her ass back down onto his face, putting Her full weight onto his head as She lifts Her legs up to do a final stretch. She deprives him of air for a good 30 seconds, and then stands up, tosses the flogger onto its prone body, and walks out of the dungeon, promising to be back soon for more torments.

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