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The Shart Cleaner - Mistress Aleesha | Face Sitting

The Shart Cleaner - Mistress Aleesha
The Shart Cleaner - Mistress Aleesha
Mistress Aleesha is just getting home but is frantic and running late because She has a hot date with a new bull who is picking Her up, but She just sharted in Her panties. She runs into the house and goes right for the bathroom, pulling Her panties down Her ample ass. In Her panties, and all over Her ass is a smelly, nasty mess and She doesn't have a clean pair of panties or time for a shower, but She does have....a SLAVE! She has Her sharted panties at Her ankles and is sitting on the toilet when She calls:

"OH, SLAVE! Slave, get over here now! Hurry Up!"

The slave crawls into the bathroom as he isn't allowed to walk in the house without permission. She explains to him:

"I have a hot date in about 10 minutes and I just sharted in my pants. You're going to have to clean it up."

She tells him as She snaps a leash on him and secures his cuffs behind his back. Once She has him secured, She takes the sharted panties and stuffs them into his mouth, crotch first. He is retching and groaning but She just pushes them into his mouth harder and starts flogging him. Telling him:

"Hurry up and get those nice and clean! I don't have much time and they better be spotless, bitch!"

She him down on the floor and starts pushing the panties in with Her high heeled boot, which obviously hurts as he is screaming in pain, but She just keeps flogging him. She needs the panties to be spotless. Finally, She takes them out and says:

"That's about right. You did a pretty good job of getting my s**t out of the panties."

He is relieved, lets out a sigh and thanks Her for the compliment.

"But now you've got to clean my dirty ass, slave!"

He howls in protest, but She spreads Her cheeks, revealing a Hershey squirt covered ass and anus. He is horrified, but She has his leash firmly in hand between Her legs, and pulls hard on the leash, pulling his face and head deep into Her ass. He of course is helpless to stop it, as he is cuffed and on his knees. He struggles and gags as his tongue makes contact with the sticky mess. But She just pulls harder on the leash, She is obviously in a big hurry to get ready for Her date.

She tells him to stick his tongue out now and clean the inside of Her dirty asshole. She tells him to point his tongue like a cock and makes him tongue-fuck Her asshole, his head bobbing up and down, drilling deeper and deeper into Her ass, trying to find more candy. Finally, She is satisfied that Her panties and ass are clean enough. As She leaves, She sniffs and tells the slave:

"You really need to do something about that breath of yours, slave. It smells like s**t"

As She bounces out, leaving the filthy, stinking slave to stew in his Mistress's juices.

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