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Afternoon With Jenna - Goddess Jenna | Boot/Shoes Worship

Afternoon With Jenna - Goddess Jenna
Afternoon With Jenna - Goddess Jenna
Jenna is a milf extraordinaire. Mature, gorgeous, and very dominant. She may look innocent enough but she lives a pampered life catered to by numerous personal slaves. Her sweet voice is also very deceptive as it hides the fact that while she does reward good performing slaves, she will sadistically those that fail her. Her personal slaves would not appear on camera, but Jenna graciously let me film her if a slave was provided for her use over the weekend. This long 17 minute clip is just me filming a typical lazy afternoon for Jenna, where the slave adores her feet, fetches her water and food, and basically is at her beck and call. It was very interesting to watch the two together. This particular slave is very experienced in serving womankind, but he was slightly nervous as Jenna comes off so sweet, soft and feminine but her mood can turn on a dime. So he was on his absolute best behavior for her, doing his best to learn her protocols and expectations. Jenna meanwhile was sizing up this new slave with a variety of commands and tasks. It's an interesting peek into the real life of a dominant milf.

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