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The Boot Cleaner - Mistress Nikita | Boot/Shoes Worship

The Boot Cleaner - Mistress Nikita
The Boot Cleaner - Mistress Nikita
What better purpose can a grown man serve than to be nothing more than my boot cleaning appliance? And once I lock its head in that hole, that's really all it is to me. I have no use for the rest of it... I only require its head and neck to move the brush gag back and forth cleaning the dust and dirt off my boots. When I want a wet shine I simply remove the gag and make it lap at all that leather with the boot rag I allow it to keep in its mouth. And when I'm done with it I just shove its head back through the hole until the next time my boots are dirty. It must feel so good to finally have a purpose in life, bootbitch.

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