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FSA: Footslave Troys Challenge - Goddess Brianna | Boot/Shoes Worship

FSA: Footslave Troys Challenge - Goddess Brianna
FSA: Footslave Troys Challenge - Goddess Brianna
Goddess Brianna traveled to Orlando, FL to audition potential footslaves to sever her on videos. Troy came to auditions with lots of experience in sessions. He has seen other female domina in the past and has been forced to do some very humiliating acts. He also admits to being turned on mostly by legs, ass and feet.

No matter how much experience he has, Goddess Brianna needs to challenge him to see if he might be able to handle what would be required of him for her videos. Brianna knows how to get in the head of any footslut and Troy is no different. She applied a chastity device to restrain Troy's cock from getting an erection and pulls her skirt up over her ass, putting his face very close to her butt without allowing him the privilege of touching it. Then, removes her patent leather heels and allows him to smell her lightly scantly soles. She knows his cock is getting harder and harder in that chastity device.

Once his cock is throbbing hard in that chastity device, she orders him on his back, under her feet and forces him to suck her other heel like it's a cock, humiliating him while he deep throats the heel. The teasing doesn't stop as she sits him up between her legs and rubs the chastity device with her bare feet. His cock his bursting at the seam of that chastity device.

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