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Edge Of Heaven - Young Goddess Kim | Boot/Shoes Worship

Edge Of Heaven - Young Goddess Kim
Edge Of Heaven - Young Goddess Kim
Being used and allowed to worship a Goddess is a slaves dream. A piece of furniture is all I expect of this male, but it squirms under My heels like a worm instead. I have things to do, calls to make - I cannot have a wriggling worm beneath My feet distracting Me. Perhaps some slaps of My crop and gloved hands to his ass as I prop My latex legs on its back will fix this footstool. It flinches and wails like such a little bitch. Oh yes, nothing like the possibility of an explosive release beneath My soles. I permit the footstool to hump its unworthy erection between My latex legs - so smooth and shiny, while I torment it with My words. And when it returns back to its position on the floor beneath Me, its hard aching dick on the edge and begging, it remains completely stiff and still, almost unable to take a breath - just the way I like it.

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