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Pimped For Kicks! - Princess Heidi, Princess Mia | Boot/Shoes Worship

Pimped For Kicks! - Princess Heidi, Princess Mia
Pimped For Kicks! - Princess Heidi, Princess Mia
Hot, spoiled bratty 19yr old Princess Heidi has a confession for her friend Princess Mia- "Remember that guy we kicked for a dollar awhile back? Well, I saw him the other day again and he was SOOO pathetic, he BEGGED to do ANYTHING just to be able to kiss me! I was like SO grossed out! But I told him 'OK' just to mess with him- as long as he brings me ALL the $$$ he earns from getting kicked in his BALLS all week!" Both girls laugh hysterically at how pathetic that is...

But it gets better- Princess Heidi then says that she never said WHERE he could "kiss her", so she is going to make him kiss her FEET! After all, technically that would still be kissing "her"! Both girls think it's HYSTERICAL that this loser is going to give her all his $$$ he earned from being kicked in the BALLS by other girls- and all he gets for it is to kiss her FEET while she MOCKS him for it!

When he gets there Princess Mia films it with her iPhone so they can share it with their girlfriends later and laugh at how pathetic he is. The loser actually seems grateful just to get to kiss Princess Heidi's FEET! PATHETIC! So she wants to see how much he'll debase himself for her- and makes him lick the dirt off the soles of her pumps! The girls go into hysterics as this loser eagerly laps at the sole of her shoe!

Then Princess Heidi finally lets him slip her shoe off and give her "worshipful kisses" upon her royal feet- while she and Princess Mia LAUGH at him! He's SOOO pathetic! Princess Heidi even cuts his food budget while she mocks him- she had him only eating one burger per day from McDonald's dollar menu- and that was his ENTIRE food supplu for the day! But now she wants it cut to only 50 cents!! He is desperate and doesn't know what he will eat. Princess Heidi's suggestion?- he can eat more dirt off the soles of her shoes! The girls think that's a great solution!

Then Princess Heidi mocks him right to his face before sending him away- telling him that he better BEG girls to kick him in the balls EVERY day, ALL day, ALL WEEK- and EVERY DOLLAR he gets for EVERY KICK goes to HER!!! And she doesn't CARE if his balls get kicked up into his stomach and he STARVES in the process! Her and Princess Mia will just think it's FUNNY!

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