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Shoe Licker Dominated By Brats - Amadahy And Sasha | Boot/Shoes Worship

Shoe Licker Dominated By Brats - Amadahy And Sasha
Shoe Licker Dominated By Brats - Amadahy And Sasha
Bratty girls, Amadahy and Sasha, have found a lowly little worm to toy with. They keep their new pet on a leash and make it follow behind them. The girls make the lowly worm lick their boots and heels. Hot girls can get a loser to do any humiliating thing. It is very demeaning for a grown man to be forced to lick the shoes of hot young girls, but it will do what the pretty girls command. The loser is locked in chastity. The hot girls make it lick and grovel at their heels. The loser follows, licks, and grovels. It has no choice but to obey. The girls make the loser admit it is weak for heels and boots. He admits his fetish. He is weak. The loser’s tongue gets black with the dirt from the pretty girls’ shoes. He does whatever the pretty girls say. The girls make the loser lay on the ground and wipe their heels all over his tongue. They tease his chastity while he licks their shoes. The girls are very happy while the loser grovels and serves.

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