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Overreaching Beta Male Humbled With Boot And Foot Worship: Part 1 - Lady Toro | Boot/Shoes Worship

Overreaching Beta Male Humbled With Boot And Foot Worship: Part 1 - Lady Toro
Overreaching Beta Male Humbled With Boot And Foot Worship: Part 1 - Lady Toro
Stanley’s been having a hard time meeting girls. He’s tried dating apps, everything! Nobody seems to want him. As a result, he’s sought out the relationship counseling services of Lady Toro. Maybe she can help him figure out why girls don’t like him. When Stanley enters Toro’s office, he notices that she is dressed not at all like a counselor. She looks more like a Dominatrix. And it is odd to Stanley that Toro will not let him sit on the furniture. What is this? Not what Stanley expected.

Toro is nearly blinded by the obviousness of why women find Stanley repulsive. Nevertheless, she makes him strip so that she can get a better look at what Stanley’s workin with. Stanley is out of shape, middle-aged, and packing a seriously tiny penis. Lady Toro measures Stanley’s penis against her pinky finger. Yep. Little Stanley definitely comes up short. It’s very clear to Toro that Stanley has the physical anatomy of a beta male. Real Women do not like beta males. They are naturally repulsed by the beta male’s physical inferiority. Women will never desire Stanley sexually, but he can learn to pleasure and serve them in other ways. Stanley has been very selfish, thinking of only his sexual wants. It’s time he learned to be a giver. Toro will train Stanley to serve. He can start by licking her dirty boots clean.

Stanley is reluctant to lick a boot. He’s never done it for a Woman before and finds the idea of licking a boot disgusting. The disgust of licking a beautiful Woman’s boot does not even compare to the level of disgust Women experience when they just look at Stanley’s penis. He owes Women his service just for being who and what he is. Worship is one of the only ways a beta male can give a Woman pleasure. Stanley agrees that he wants to give Lady Toro pleasure and happiness. He agrees to Worship her boots and blacken his tongue with the dirt. Toro is pleased! Stanley is learning!

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