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Whipped Bootlicker - Lady Sofia | Boot/Shoes Worship

Whipped Bootlicker - Lady Sofia
Whipped Bootlicker - Lady Sofia
Lady Sofia is a beautiful sadistic Mistress! She loves being worshipped and she loves to ! She is sitting on a chair wearing a sexy dress and a wicked pair of Italian high heel leather boots. A sexy pair of boots which needs some cleaning! That's what a slaves tongue is good for! At least if he is able to lick his Mistress boots for her satisfaction! Lady Sofia cares about being satisfied! She keeps a long riding crop in her hand and she use it for pushing the slave to a proper boots licking. Lady Sofia commands him to lick the dirt off the soles. She orders him to blow the sharp heels like it is a cock. Of course she stuffs the pointy boot toe right in his mouth and him to suck on it. She is whipping this masochistic male bitch all the time having a lot of fun to humiliate him, to him licking the dirt of her sexy high heel boots!

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