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The 'Release Boots' - Mistress Ezada Sinn | Boot/Shoes Worship

The 'Release Boots' - Mistress Ezada Sinn
The 'Release Boots' - Mistress Ezada Sinn
Every slave of Mine must understand the ten steps I require for proper boot worship. My personal boys must also display unconditional passion when given the opportunity to show love to My boots. When I wear My "release boots", they understand that there is an excellent chance they will be granted a release if they perform the ritual to My liking. Every step of kissing, licking, and sucking My boots is a ceremonial service and this slave should execute all to utter perfection. I love to see the hunger in his lips, tongue and eyes as he attempts to satisfy his Goddess. Unfortunately, his deplorable cock is so wretchedly small that he does not deserve the soft touch of My hand. A cold vibrator will allow Me to effortlessly milk him, ruining every bit of his pleasure, plus the intensity of post-orgasmic pain and amuses Me greatly. his final act will be to lick clean all his filth off My "release boots" before I soon again lock My cock back into it's tiny steel chastity cage.

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