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Asking For It - Complete Film - Mistress Tina | Ass Worship Pussy Worship

Asking For It - Complete Film - Mistress Tina
Asking For It - Complete Film - Mistress Tina

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Mistress Tina orders up some high heel worship but Her submissive proves to be lazy. He aimlessly licks the bottom of Her shoes, moving quite slowly. She humbles him at Her feet and spits long gobs of saliva down his throat. Standing, She orders him to sniff Her pussy and flogs him once he has the scent of Her in his nostrils. Lot of bitchy verbal as Mistress Tina climbs up on his back and grabs his nutsack.

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Mistress Tina stands and orders slave player to massage Her ass cheeks and then to stick his nose into Her ass. He begins to get a hard on so She sits in the chair and kicks him over and over in the cock and balls. This only seems to make him more erect so She ties his balls up tight and strings them back behind him. Seating Herself again, She orders him to clean Her pussy and then Her ass. She keeps him stretched out licking, hoping his balls will be pulled from his body.

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Mistress Tina's pussy gets wet as Her sex slave licks it. She give him the pink vibrator and instructs him on his to use it on Her pussy hole as he licks Her clit. This results in a huge orgasm for Her. She makes him lick the residue from Her orgasm from her pussy as his balls stretch behind. She turns back and forth until Her pussy is totally clean and his balls are numb and red. She has him standing now bound and spread and begins to whip his cock.

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Mistress Tina proves expert in tease and torment of the male cock as She slaps him hard and then tongue's and sucks his bound dick. She applies a few clothespins to his balls to distract him as She sucks the cock head. Turning, She bends and orders him to try and fuck Her. With his balls tied to the pillar behind him he strains to fucks Her. She makes sure his cock flops out and he works as hard as possible to enter Her. With his cock insider Her, She zaps his balls with the viper to make sure he doesn't last long.

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