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Ass-Cleaning Slave This Xmas - Goddess Natalie | Ass Worship

Ass-Cleaning Slave This Xmas - Goddess Natalie
Ass-Cleaning Slave This Xmas - Goddess Natalie
The holidays are almost over, and you don't seem to have fattened up enough just yet! Not even close to how fat I'd like you to be for me, little one! So, I think I have just the way to make you look a little chubbier!

I know you won't be able to resist my charms, and after all...I know you'd do absolutely anything to get the privilege of worshiping and kissing my ass! Especially if I also allowed you to lick my ass crack, isn't that so, freak?

Well, you're gonna get the chance to do all that, but only if you'll lick every single bit of Nutella off my ass and eat that candy too! If there is anything left on my butt, you're getting in trouble, little one!

Oh, and I'm sure you'll also do a great job at worshiping everything and anything that comes out of my ass, too...including that gas that you are now to always inhale for me! Right?

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