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If I Were Your Girlfriend - Goddess Natalie | Ass Worship

If I Were Your Girlfriend - Goddess Natalie
If I Were Your Girlfriend - Goddess Natalie
If you were as lucky as to have me for a girlfriend, you'd probably get bossed around and cuckolded quite a bit :) but you would love that! It would be a freaking dream came true for you, wouldn't it?

And also... if you were my boyfriend, I'd probably allow you to have a little holidays gift from me - a nice jerk off instructions session with me. Cause nah, you don't deserve the privilege of putting your pathetic cock inside of me!

But just cause I'm nice... I'll instruct you on how to rub your cock and even give you permission to cum for me today! But of course there is a little downside to all of this, cause you won't do it to something you like!

Instead, you will cum to something disgusting, cause I said so - that's right! If you were my boyfriend, I'd make you kiss my ass and sniff the gas that comes out of it, and that's exactly what you'd have an orgasm for these holidays! Oh, stop acting like you wouldn't want that!

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