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A Different Kind Of JOI - Goddess Natalie | Ass Worship

A Different Kind Of JOI - Goddess Natalie
A Different Kind Of JOI - Goddess Natalie
My submissive boyfriend has been feeling horny all day at work and really wanted to cum for me. I didn't allow him to jerk off and cum for me in a while now, and he needs that sweet release quite badly.

So after teasing him with pictures and videos while he was stuck at the office, I decided to be nice enough to give him jerk off instructions when he got him. I'll even let him cum and not ruin his orgasm for a change.

But of course there is a little trick to it, cause I wouldn't let my boyfriend get away with an orgasm that easily. Instead, I decided that today he's gonna have to kiss and worship my ass, then sniff and taste my farts, too, if he wants to get to cum.

It's either that or no orgasm for him today, and I'm sure you already know what option he went for haha. The same one you'd go for, too, if you were in his place. Now go ahead and enjoy this opportunity - I'll let you cum while you watch it, too!

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