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I'm Farting So Much I Can't Even Get To Sleep - Miss Raevyn | Ass Worship

I'm Farting So Much I Can't Even Get To Sleep - Miss Raevyn
I'm Farting So Much I Can't Even Get To Sleep - Miss Raevyn
Miss Raevyn is talking down to her slave, showing clear disdain for a creature she knows will be thrilled when he finds out her will be sniffing her farts over the next hour or so. “I’m going to have a nap but am very gassy so you will kneel here and sniff my ass when I fart while sleeping” she explains to him. She tells him not to be a pig though and do it quietly so she can sleep without being disturbed. She lays on her side so her anus is not obstructed in anyway and you get a view of her sweet bubble butt at the same time. “When I wake up you can tell me how much you enjoyed my farts” she tells him.

She removes her panties and has barely settled down to nap when you see her anus pucker and then blast out a fart. The slave grunts but moves in and starts sniffing. With his nose only an inch away she blows another one in his face causing him to jump as if he’s just been shott. He recovers quickly and again moves in to sniff it all up. Raevyn is tossing and turning to sleep and pulls her cheeks apart to deliver her next gassy treat, followed by another and another, and then another two. “I’m farting so much I can’t even sleep” she says as she opens her eyes and lifts her head. She asks the slave if he is enjoying her farts and he naturally says yes. She tells him that if she accidentally soils herself that she assumes he knows what to do. “I don’t want a mess her when I wake up” she adds. She lays back down and spreads her cheeks wide just in time to let out a trio of farts. The slave gets his nose in close and she lets out another five farts. Damn, she is gassy! “Something is coming out, get your mouth over it” she tells him and as he wraps his lips around her anus she settles back into for some sleep but not before one final comment, “toilet.”

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